How to choose your bedroom furniture according to room size?

How to choose your bedroom furniture according to room size?

We pass more time in our bedrooms than in some other room at home. Despite the fact that we are sleeping mostly, we begin & end our days there. An organized & well-considered room can improve the mood when you are in necessary to go to sleep & get your day of rest to a perfect start when you awake.

Gearing up the bedroom with new items & making a radical change can be refreshing. The scary factor creeps in when you begin thinking about the expense & the cost of devising a mistake. Luckily, selecting the right furniture for your necessities is much simpler if you inquire yourself a few questions prior to heading to the showroom.

Planning bedrooms begins with learning typical bed sizes, whichever you prefer & which one will function in the plan. Another piece of furniture for the bedroom comes in all sorts of sizes. Erstwhile you determine the room & dimensions of the bed, you may make good verdicts about chests, dressers, chairs, benches, nightstands & so on.

With that in view, we have homed in on a few room sizes with furniture & tips to help you build a divine bedroom that combines function, form, & a sense of comfort.

1. Grandmaster Suite (Size- 15’ * 17’)

A sofa at the end of your bed makes a perfect place for reading, browsing the web for house decor inspirations, or setting down your bag & coat.

The key here is the scale. You should use the bed as a benchmark. In case you have a bed whose width is 79″, then choose a sofa with equal length, or 12″ to 15″ shorter to allow your bedroom for one or two side table. Bring a coffee table into the blend & you will need at least 15″ of the gap between it & the edge of your seats—something less & things will begin to feel cramped.

2. The Luxe “Lily Pad” (Size- 12’ * 11’)

Here, 2-vignettes sidewall the entrance of the bedroom. On one side, a writing desk in place of a modest dresser provides a place to catch up on messages up top & enough drawer area to store your dresses & gears.

On the opposite side, place a wingback chair, which converts an idle corner into a place to relax. The key with a modest layout is to increase storage—a narrow bench at the tip of the bed & 2-nightstands with drawer space for belts, socks, & seasonal accessories might easily do the work.

3. Nomadic Nest (Size- 18’ * 18’)

A bed with an account headboard & footrest or a canopy variant makes an interesting centerpiece here. For lighting, I prefer practicality with a pair of studio lamps as they take up less floor space, play up the loft-like vibe, & allow for adaptable light control.

With this arrangement, it is all about getting artistic with storage & using furniture in unexpected ways. You can bring a classic steamer trunk, an armchair in place of a closet, & mismatched chairs for piles of nighttime reads.

4. Double-Duty Den (Size- 12’ * 12’)

Bring a tailored sofa bed which is, of course, vital or any other stylish options which you can picture. It is high-functioning stuff deserving to be invested in. Situate the bed opposite to a desk or media console lined by bookcases & you have got an arrangement that is pleasantly packed.

In the bedroom, the sofa’s front legs (whether it masks a bed or not) must sit atop the rug. That’s why you need to make sure to buy one large rug along with the sofa to apply this rule (6′ * 9′, 8′ * 10′, & 9′ * 12′ are all perfect sizes to this size bedrooms.) In place of a coffee table, you can consider two classic tables that may easily be ploy into nightstands in case you have guests coming to stay.

6. Boho-Chic Studio (Size- 17’ * 15’)

A canopy bed will not be the first stuff that comes to your mind when you think about staying in a single room, but being an esthetically inspired piece, it is an excellent choice in case you are looking to characterize an area to sleep without raising a wall.

Placing the bed in a corner & leave the rest of the space free & including it as part of the primary seating area allows it to work more like a daybed in case guests are staying. Layered rugs may work to optically separate the area of sleeping.

For storage, bring a bar cart which is easy to move & it is also suited for holding dishes, books, & modest table lamps as it is for storing booze. Bring two single-people sofa accompanied by a small wooden round table. You can also place mismatched chairs or a rocking chair for reading purposes.


Bedroom furniture is not the same as outdoor furniture sets. That’s why you must be very careful while choosing furniture for a bedroom according to your room size. It will transform the bedroom from a stopover for sleeping into an area you, in fact, want to pass the time in.

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