Types of Dining Tables You Must Know About

Types of Dining Tables You Must Know About

The dining room furniture is important in anyone’s house. It’s the spot where the whole family comes together to partake in a meal. It’s where people usually entertain & serve guests as well. It is where people hold special celebrations, holidays, parties, & other occasions.

Buying a new dining table is an exceedingly personal experience for a lot of reasons. The dining table will not only be utilized but also been seen more than many home furniture; that’s why the choice is not to be made lightly.

This blog will help guide you purchase the perfect dining table for your house by breaking down the materials, styles, & shapes available today.

Types Depending on Shape

1. Rectangular

The most popular among shapes of dining table is the rectangular tables that are more preferred for its versatility & functionality. Regular dining tables are capable of catering 6 to 12 people, relying on length. But, rectangle dining tables can extend indefinitely as it is a more viable shape of choice.

2. Square

Square is a mere shape for a dining table & it best suits small spaces or narrow & long rooms. It is normally seen in small & simple or present-day style houses. Small sizes that seat 4 to 6 people are notified to create a cozy atmosphere.

Any square dining table that requires adapting more than that will take more space, & opting for a rectangular dining table will be a great solution.

3. Round

Round tables are ideal for modest dining room spots. It is the best choice in case you want to build a more elegant & intimate environment in the dining room area, as the circle shape aids diners feel comfier & everybody can see everybody else as people interact with each other.

Big round tables might be inconvenient & will occupy a lot of floor area.

4. Freeform

Freeform tables have odd shapes & are usually custom-made. This type comprises any tables that don’t fit within the grade shapes. Common freeform design dining tables are in the shape of a triangle, & these are the right idea for unusually-shaped or small rooms.


Types Depending on Materials

1. Wood

The most popular option for a dining table is wood. Natural wood at no time goes out of trend, & it works with every design style & interior decorating design. Solid wood brings warmth & timeless appeal.

Hardwood varieties are more durable, stable, & expensive than softwood & composite wood equivalents. Hardwood & softwood have many options for finishes, like painting & staining.

Wood expands & contracts, & can be damaged by moisture or heat, that’s why it needs careful maintenance & use. The surface may be scratched easily, & they might be visible, particularly on stained wood. Nonetheless, the good fact about wood is it can be re-stained & sanded.

2. Marble

Marble is usual for kitchen countertops, yet it is bliss for dining tables because of its stylish, rich tone. For people who seek a durable, textural, heavy surface that is simple to clean, a dining table made of marble is perfect. It suits the dining room with modern, traditional, & even relevant styles.

Nevertheless, since marble is a mild stone, it is permeable, so it can be scratched or stained. It requires sealing & resealing to keep up its good appearance.

3. Glass

Glass dining table brings an airy, elegant feeling to every dining room, commencing the visual space & providing a modern, clean surface to hold talks with.

Glass has a strong resistance to moisture & heat. In case of anything spills, it may be easily cleaned down. The best option to try for is tempered glass as it is less liable to scratches, & when it breaks, it does not shatter.

4. Metal

Metal tabletops are durable, sturdy & are cool to feel. It is as well easy to clean & requires less maintenance. It brings an edgy & modern look to your dining room, so it better suits industrial & contemporary styled houses.

Types Depending on Style

1. Traditional

A classic & eternal style, traditional dining tables look elegant & regal. Generally, it has detailed textures, rich proportions, & elegantly engraved or carved details.

2. Modern

The modern style uses sharp angles & clean lines. In the case of round tables, modern types are simple & unadorned. Modern dining tables bring an unfussy, airy element to any area.

3. Rustic

The dining table with rustic style utilizes unpainted wood in its innate form to bring a natural, simple feel. It is well-liked for cottages, cabins, or for houses that comprise a rustic touch to their backdrop.

4. Industrial

Dining tables of industrial style look tough & bring the look & feel of factory insides & machinery. It is commonly made of metal & wood paired with a deliberate look.

5. Contemporary

Contemporary dining tables turn up in different looks, shapes & designs. These dining tables bring that inland vibe & appearance.


To create a spectacular dining space begins with the perfect dining table. There are a lot of patterns out there & it is hard to see where to start. But, by taking a brief look at the above points, you can find the perfect table for you.

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